I use Artresin : welcome

I have been using resin in one way or another for more than 15 years. I have used it in many ways… practically and creatively. Every time I went to the hardware store to purchase the stuff in the glossy purple box, with silly examples of what one can do with epoxy resin, I would say to myself, “surely there is something else…” I don’t know why… Maybe it was the cost that felt too great or the risk of using strange chemicals that heat up and make sticky toxic messes… but i knew what i wanted and resin was the thing that got me there. 

    I don’t remember how I stumbled upon ArtResin… maybe i was doing some late night googling or i saw it referenced on insta but you can maybe imagine my delight. A bright and cheery brand of a long time used product that seemed so much cleaner and more exciting than the dated brands I had used in the past. The claim that it is non-toxic was a confusing plus as well. How could it be non-toxic?? I have no clue, but it is… and it doesn’t smell like the old stuff, and it doesn’t yellow.

    I found ArtResin shortly after I had begun painting again after a decade of doing very little creatively. I loved that I could have it shipped to my house; it would arrive just a couple days after placing the order. the larger quantities I was able to buy allowed me to do some experimenting that I hadn’t been able to do before. I suppose I could have done it but I am very stingy with money. I am also stingy with my resin. I HATE to waste it. If I have any left over I figure out something to do with it, which has led me to finding more ways to use and love it.

    I am currently using ArtResin to create surfaces rather than just a protective covering. I am using it to make magical shadows on walls behind it that look like being under water. It is something I am always experimenting with to make new and bewildering things to look at. 


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